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To be the number one web resource for UK-based lady bikers.


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, the UK's fastest ladies

This site has been created for the female motorcyclist, and contains loads of useful information as well as a lively forum to share your views with other girls with the same biking interest as you
, plus we are now completely interactive!

As a visitor you can vote on the bike articles. As a registered user you can also comment on articles. Your feedback is very welcome as it improves the site for other biking girls.

You can also apply to be a contributor if you'd like to write your own riding guides or product reviews.


We have introduced a Bikegirl photo gallery and a members' map, so you can add a photo of yourself then place it (and yourself) on the map to make it easier to find fellow bikers for rideouts and meetups. You have to be a registered user to view or add photos, so your pictures are not visible to the whole internet.

You'll find the photo gallery in the Eye Candy menu, and the members' map in the Forum menu (only visible when logged on).



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